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7 days with God (Klappenbroschur)

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7 days with God

von Ralph Llewellyn

Veröffentlichung am 12.03.2018

Klappenbroschur 200 Seiten

Keine Versandkosten innerhalb von Deutschland

ISBN (Print): 978-3-946446-56-9

What is Life? What is the purpose of our limited days on earth and what lies beyond that? Frank is an arrogant man; he is egocentric, narcissistic and self-centered.

Suddendly, God himself appears and gives Frank an ultimatum … To change his life, Frank has 7 days in which he will have to face his worst fear – the fear of the „After“ and its haunting questions of „Will there be a void?“ or „Will there be another chapter?“ Will he succeed?


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